(Youtube) Historians Wanted Edit

As Fraggers' content grows, it becomes (slightly) harder for new paladins to try and find the classics and gems of olden times. Especially since, in our growing community, we get exposed to more and more quality content, but we all have that one video or series that marked the beginning of our adventure with The Fragnostic, or that stuck with us and even its memory makes us chuckle. The purpose of this page is to allow the greatest of the great from The Fragnostic library shine and help them reach the audience they were truly meant for.

So, if any of you have suggestions or feel like we missed a particular video/series, feel free to propose it or even add it yourself. Furthermore, if you feel that your connection with the particular piece of content is strong enough, we encourage you share your story on how you stumbled upon your video or what really drew you in (without spoilers, of course), alongside the link. Please do write such stories or comments within a bullet list below the paragraph that links to the episode, in a separate point from the others.

With that being said, behold:

The Scroll Of Deeds, Victories And Accomplishments Edit

The well known saga of despair that is "The Crimson Lake", where Fraggers daunts the terrors of the atrocious monster, known as "Red Lake". For those that have ventured and returned, behold the "Endgame" and Red Lake's grand finale.

Still, another time, The Fragnostic went up against "The Black Death", by powering through the events in "Bubonic: Outbreak", risking disease of the worst kind... bad game design.

  • This one has a special significance to me, as it way my portal into this realm. I encountered Fraggers' review on steam and as much as I enjoyed it then, I still do now. I really recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it and is looking for a (really really thorough) act of comedy. This comment serves as an example of how others of its kind should be structured within the page, though I have to mention that it really recounts my actual experience and views.

The fabled tale of "The Fragnostic, The Goblins And The Ghosts", where the mighty paladin attempted to slay one of the most notorious and dangerous beats roaming the lands... the Capcom classic "Ghosts 'n Goblins".