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As uncle Fraggers put it, "Maybe if I play enough of these horror games, it'll twist my mind so much that it'll eventually start to UNTWIST and I'll stop dreaming about the tyrannosaur clowns eating my family. I think it'll work. The science is there." How would you not want to know such a character?

Among the pages of this tome reside all the bits of info, trivia and knowledge any good paladin of the holy crusade needs to know. Except how to get rid of the aforementioned tyrannosaur clowns... we're still working on that one...

So if you believe that bad games should be purged with brimstone, good games should be honored and that you should be able to relax by laughing your ass off, come join the fun, scares and frustrations at

War Against Bad (and i mean, like, reaally bad... sometimes) Games 101Edit

In this bright, beloved and beautiful community, our goal is to provide a safe haven for any weary travelers, tired of cookie cutter, unity asset pack, dysfunctional digital torture devices that dare call themselves "video games". For this, The Fragnostic has taken up arms in order to best these fiendish beasts and bring to light the atrocities of their wicked creators. If you desire to present your aid to this noble cause, feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel. We promise the adventures will fill you with tears... of some kind...

If you found an opponent worthy of being ended rightly, is the place where you can meet up with other paladins and the champion himself, but, if you prefer to reddit, is the place where you want to be. More recently, the crusaders have also joined in union on a Discord server, which you can find at

Now, with the introductions out of the way, we welcome you to our humble abode and hope you have a most nightmare free stay.

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