Heroes Get Rewarded Edit

The Fragnostic has said and done a lot and along the way got some nice shiny baubles and quite a few titles. It is only fitting that such a renowned man has a place to display them. Care to look at his treasury?

  1. As Fraggers himself said, "this is the best thing I've ever done", "this is going straight to the top of Life Accomplishments List", so here it is, at number UNO™, a no-death run of the arcade original, Ghosts 'n Goblins. -
  2. Tranquilizer dart gun - rocket powered, car mounted tranquilizer dart machine gun - the weapon that The Fragnostic used to unleash hell upon the credit munching Jurassic Park Arcade Game (1994), surpassing his previous efforts by achieving victory in only one life. BARELY! -
  3. We all know him as the slayer of evil video games, but we should also be aware that The Fragnostic is a holy man. He is, in fact, patron saint of exhausted fathers and people lost in IKEA. -
  4. Despite his career as a warrior, The Fragnostic is also a playwright. His magnum opus is "DOOM: The Good Movie, Not That Other Abomination From 2005" -